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Laser Sintering (SLS) of flexible parts

For those seeking flexible parts via laser sintering, there are several material choices. The longest standing is know as Somos 201 and can still be found amongst the bureau network. More commonly companies are turning to Duraform Flex, supplied by 3D Systems. However, there is now a new contender known as TPE210S. All of these materials are sintered on standard equipment and offer the option of post infiltration that can be used to introduce colour.

Material hardness varies from 40 - 70 Shore A depending on selection and infiltration. TPE210S can offer elongation at break in excess of 250% depending on orientation and infiltrant.

Frequently flexible parts represent a percentage of a development project that is otherwise going to be laser sintered. These materials retain the speed of laser sintering and offer a reasonable level of functionality, without the need to go to vacuum casting.

For more information, please contact:  stefan@smartprototype.net  


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